FRY Road Trip


FRY Creators CEO Julia Long & Director Sasy Cacace are leading 5-hour FRY The Method workshops & classes ACROSS CANADA to the west starting on June 4, 2022.  

FRY will be hosted in:

  • Sudbury at “A Space to Breathe Inc”,
  • Sault Ste Marie at “Peaceful Warrior Wellness Studio” and
  • Calgary at Balance Mobile Body Inc. (FLOWTION)

There are still some slots open if you would like to host a session for your Department. Contact us for more details and to BOOK. 519-770-YOGA(9642) or email:

Cities with a few spots/dates available:

  • WINNIPEG MB June 15th
  • REGINA SK June 18th
  • CALGARY AB June 21st
  • EDMONTON AB June 23rd
  • FORT McMURRAY AB June 25th
  • JASPER/BANFF AREA June 27th, 29th
  • VANCOUVER BC July 5th

Workshop Learning objectives:  

  • Learn how to manage mental health, injury-prevention, stress and build resilience in active, high trauma jobs;
  • Understand the science behind and impact of breathwork, functional movement (energetic yang and deep tissue stretching yin), relaxation techniques, positive affirmations and meditation on mind-body wellbeing; and
  • Experience the effect of a FRY The Method class on the nervous system, the physical body and overall wellbeing.

We would love to see you in person.

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