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Let’s dive into the pillars of well-being: Body, Breath, Mind, Diet, and Recreation

The pillar of well-being: Body

Having a healthy body and taking care of it, stepping away from the aesthetical and focusing more on the functional. Those are all essential parts of the modern approach to wellness. In yoga, we use Asana (the poses) which provides us with many benefits. Strength, flexibility, balance, and spine health, are consequences of regular yoga practice.

We can take care of the body with many forms of exercise. Be sure in your workout there are tensions, contractions, and mild compressions for your deep tissue.

The pillar of well-being: Breath

The yoga practice bridges us to our breathing which is another pillar of our well-being. When you work with the breath, you work with your energy, you target your nervous system and so your mind. Today, modern science is confirming what the sage of the past knew: having control of your breath impacts the nervous system and helps to restore homeostasis in your body-mind system.

The pillar of well-being: Mind

The biggest challenge for every one of us. As the French philosopher Blaise Pascal said “All of humanity’s problems stem from their inability to sit quietly in a room alone“. The meditation practice, which is linked to our mind, is like a mirror. It’s going to reflect whatever’s going on inside of you. Sometimes what’s going on inside of you isn’t the easiest thing to face. However, when you realize the wisdom that all things are impermanent, you begin to have the capacity to move through whatever comes up for you; to no longer run away from it but to be with it. to witness it; to watch it; to observe it. You start to see the crazy workings of your mind. The benefits of meditation are countless: stress reduction, more clarity, bigger mental focus, greater creativity, better sleep, and more. Please jump to our link to learn more about the science supporting the benefits of the practice.

The pillar of well-being: Diet

We are what we eat. We can do hours of exercise, breathing techniques, and meditation, but if we are eating junk food, it will eventually catch up to us. Eating crap nullifies the benefits of our practice. Our bodies and our mind will pay the price for our bad eating habits. A specific diet linked to our constitution, age, lifestyle, and the weather, is a must to follow for our overall wellness.

The pillar of well-being: Recreation

In the rest time, we build up our strength, we become more flexible, and we recover and replenish the stress we apply to our body during the exercise. On top of that, our mind too needs a break from everything and everyone. Take your time when needed. Step away from your schedule. Have a gentle walk. Play with your dog. Stay in nature. Eventually, you will feel better and at ease to start your wellness journey with more energy and enthusiasm.

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