Did you know that F.R.Y. offers volume discounts to First Responders organizations such as Departments, Unions and Training Schools?  For example, if your organization has over 50 people subscribing the total cost per person per year is only $186 (+ HST).

If this is of interest to you, we have included below a draft email you could send to your Chief, your Wellness Team, your Occupational Health & Safety, or your union.  Alternatively, if you would like us to reach out to them on your behalf, feel free to send us their names and email addresses.

We are here to help.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Take care and stay safe


TO: [INSERT your Chief’s name, Supervisor, Wellness Team, Occupational Health & Safety Team etc]

SUBJECT: Resource for First Responder Mind-Body Wellness and Resilience


[BODY OF EMAIL – Cut and Paste into your email – Fill in the highlighted sections]


I would like to include F.R.Y. The APP in my personal training. F.R.Y. The APP is packed with more than 700 instructional and follow-along videos, live streamed classes and special events covering 8 tools: 

(1) Breathwork, (2) Meditation, (3) Trauma-informed approach, (4) Energetic and passive movement, (5) Positive Affirmations, (6) Relaxation, (7) Lifestyle, and (8) Mindset that are perfect for cross-training, stress management, mental health and building strength, focus and resilience.  It is more than just an exercise class.  Plus, this is the only comprehensive APP built for First Responders by First Responders.  I like the APP idea because I always have my smartphone with me, giving me access to F.R.Y.’s tools 24/7, when needed, at a push of a button.  If I need an energizing breathwork during a long overnight shift, have extra energy to burn, or need assistance to calm and let go after a call, I can seek guidance whenever I want with this APP.


F.R.Y. The APP is available for individual First Responders to purchase access at a cost of $20/month for a one-year subscription (total of $240 + HST).  However, I noticed that F.R.Y. offers a significant discount for group access.  For example, if we have over 50 people subscribing the total cost per person per year is only $186 (+ HST).  F.R.Y. is transparent in their pricing, listing it on their website at: www.FRYCanada.com. I feel F.R.Y. The APP will not only benefit me, but will also provide my colleagues with tangible takeaways, lessons and tools our entire team can use for our wellness and resilience. 

SUMMARY OF BENEFITS FOR [INSERT your department or union]:

With the current conditions, everyone at [INSERT your department or union] is being asked to do more while still controlling costs wherever possible. F.R.Y. The APP is a small investment in empowering me and others involved in our service to do even more while remaining healthy mentally, emotionally and physically. The APP will provide us with more knowledge and tools for injury prevention, cross-training, relaxation, mental health and strength, ANYTIME, specific to First Responders. As you know, we First Responders are 30% more likely to develop a behavioural health issue such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and are 5X more likely to develop a musculoskeletal disorder than a general worker. 


  • workplace health initiatives have been shown to decrease absenteeism by 27%; 
  • workplace / group health promotion programs have been shown to decrease disability days among blue collar workers and provide a good return on investment; and
  • workplace health promotion programs work because employees spend approximately 33% of their time in their place of work.

Thank you for considering my request to add F.R.Y. The APP to our Department-sponsored resources. I think you, my colleagues and I will all find that this is an extremely worthwhile investment and one that we may consider repeating year after year.

F.R.Y. is offering demonstrations of the APP.  If interested, we can book here www.FRYCanada.com


[INSERT your name]