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The Culture of Happiness.

The culture of happiness is in some ways related to having material needs met and experiencing pleasure. But we as human beings are accountable for our well-being. Our responsibilities have changed from our ancestors. Living a good life does not mean anymore having shelter, food, and entertainment.

Being accountable for the well-being recall the responsibility we have towards:

  • Our mind-body system
  • The others’ needs, which are connected to ours, and
  • The earth-care, is a necessary and compulsory attitude we need to develop

Let’s talk about mind-body wellness, which is the focus in this “community for a better life” called FRY.

Let’s see how we can develop a culture of happiness.

The Culture of Happiness. How to create it?

How do we create a culture of happiness? The answer is quite easy. By:

  • Start Being Happy 

“Why is happiness the key to happiness and positivity attracts positivity? Neuroscience shows us that this is for two main reasons. One, because when you create a habit in the way you think, this habit will subconsciously repeat itself. For most people, this subconscious habit is automatically negative in some way or another. Secondly, when we have positive energy within our bodies, we naturally attract positivity from every other aspect of life. This effect has long been noticed and is referred to as the Maharishi Effect.”

(Excerpt from “The Key to Happiness” by Sasy Cacace available on Amazon at this link)

  • Asking Yourself “Where Am I Going?

Where are you going? No matter how your life is now, amazing or horrible, what is important is where you are going. We live in a world where everything is at hand. We do not even need to stand up to cook or order some food. We simply need an APP and ask Uber or other platforms to deliver what we need. All that happens in minutes.

However, building up yourself needs time. Building up good habits and changing your mind takes time. Changing all the subconscious patter that run your life after the age of 35 takes time. Everyone wants speed but that is not the way the world works. Everything takes time.

We tend to overestimate what we can do in a year but we underestimate what we can do in 5 or 10 years.

The Secret is…

Having a long-term vision.

Knowing where you are heading and where you are going.

All that is more important than the point you are stuck on right now.

Heading in the right direction without stopping will bring you there; you will get your results. It does matter how long it takes.

Make it very clear where you want to go, write it down, and journal it on paper, not in your fleeting memory. You want to see it every single day, every single moment you come back to your journal. Make a daily check on your plan and direction.

We at FRY help First Responders to develop strength, focus, mindfulness, and overall healthiness through the:

  • Online and live courses & events
  • live classes
  • movement
  • breathwork
  • meditation and
  • workplace Mindfulness Facilitation.

All of the above at a push of a button through our FRY The APP. Download FRY The APP Right Now, choose your membership, and start your journey toward “the better you” right now!

We got your six!

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