FRY Consistency

Consistency is your keystone.

The idea of being motivated and waiting to do something when you are motivated is wrong.

We cannot wait to be motivated to start our personal journey, whatever that means for you.

You cannot wait to be motivated to become more fit, better your health, and manage your emotions.

Consistency. What is that?

What you need is consistency. Consistency means to be committed to your path, to your goal whatever it takes. Motivation cannot be a prerequisite to action. It follows action instead. Taking action becomes your personal motivation.

How can you be more consistent?

  • Pick ONE thing to do for the next short time span and do it. You cannot revamp your all entire life as that will not happen. You will sabotage yourself and your goal. Instead choose one thing, one thing only, and go for it
  • Journal your moves and your efforts. Write them down. Journal will be the keystone of your consistency, of the habit you start building. It will change other aspects of your life too. It boosts you to do better in other parts of your life.

No doubt that change is difficult. We all know it.

Why is that? Because of something called Confirmation Bias. Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports your beliefs or values.

Recognize that confirmation bias can be a way to search and be curious about “the new”, and what is different. Maybe you will discover better and more intelligent behavior. Perhaps you will find something that won’t create any cognitive dissonance with yourself; that mental conflict occurs when your beliefs don’t line up with your actions.

For this 2023 I wish you all more consistent behavior to better your life.

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