Being more productive can be challenging. Your brain can propel you to get things done and be more productive.
In the 1920s Russian psychologist, Doctor Zeigarnik discovered that we remember unfinished tasks better than completed tasks. The Zeigarnik effect postulates that we tend to focus on the things that are not done versus the things that are done.

Being more productive: Why is it a challenge?

The things that are not done own your mental energy till they are completed.
Why do we have this effect?
Because our brain is wired to focus on open loops, the unfinished tasks. When the loop is open, you want to see that loop closed: you start seeing a movie and then you want to finish that movie.  If something is not completed and needs to be done, we tend to focus on that a lot more. When we do not complete a task, our brain will be still thinking about it until is done
That mental process is hard-wired in our brains and it is energy-consuming. Stress and anxiety start to kick in for the many things you have to complete. You start feeling drained by your stress.
The Zeigarnik effect can drive you to mental discomfort. However, it can also drive you to complete the task if it is used correctly.

Being More Productive: How to?

The Zeigarnik effect can hold you back but can also push you forward. In which way? By recognizing it and using it to propel yourself.
Try to focus on one task at a time.
Start with the more important task. You want to see it complete and you start being pushed by the Zeigarnik effect to complete it.
Then try to break down your tasks. Alternate focused work sessions with frequent short breaks. That can promote sustained concentration and stave off mental fatigue.

Eating Bitter.

Difficulties cannot be avoided. The only way out is the way through. 
Every one of us faces hardship during our life and in our line of duty. For enduring hardship the old Chinese culture suggests an approach: “eating bitter“. It means to endure something unpleasant in good humour. To continue despite difficulties, to persevere through hardship without complaint.
That Chinese motto has also a side effect. The ability to withstand intense hardship may prevent people from seeking help. You can fool yourself and those around you into thinking you are fine when you might be in pain.
We at FRY help you to be aware of your needs and to develop the attitude of accepting what you cannot change. It is not the movement that changes you. The game changer is the relationship you have with the movement. The awareness about your breathing and your body’s sensation when you stress it.
That’s what we do at FRY. We push you to positively stress your mind-body system to make it stronger, more resilient, and more pliable.
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