Yin Yoga. Approaching the Functional

November 20, 2022

With this 20-hrYin Yoga. Approaching the Functional” course, starting November 2022, you will learn:

  • What is Yin Yoga
  • Overview of CHI and Meridian channels, according to Chinese Medicine
  • What is the functional approach to Yoga
  • The differences between the performance and the functional-introspective approach that can be applied to all forms of Yoga
  • How to teach in a functional way
  • The 14 Skeletal segments and the 10 Muscles groups involved in the entire Yoga practice and not only the Yin practice
  • Why the skeletal variations are an important key to the functional training
  • The 5 Archetypal Yin Yoga Poses and their variations, that can be adapted to each and every student
  • Target Area of each posture
  • And more

This 20-hr “YIN YOGA. APPROACHING THE FUNCTIONAL” course is of interest to all people learning yoga to deepen your practice as well as to instructors who wish to deepen their understanding of functional movement in yoga.

Online through Zoom

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