Unlock Your Breath. The Road to Bliss

January 22, 2023

With this “Unlock Your Breath. The Road to Bliss” 6-Hr Breathwork Course you will get a profound understanding of breathing to take care of all the body-systems, your mind and move the awareness to a deeper level.

In this on-line course eligible for 6 hours Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance you will learn how to use your breath to increase body’s energy, health and awareness.

An intensive self-experience Breathwork/Pranayama course to:

  • Understand your breathing
  • Take care of your body/mind system
  • Deepen your awareness to move beyond the awareness sheath (awareness layer) to the bliss sheath (bliss layer)
  • Become aware of the deeper layers of the self

About the Techniques you will learn in this Breathwork course:

  • The Locks (Bandhas)
  • The Retentions of Breath (Kumbhakas)
  • Belly Breathing
  • Yogic Breathing
  • Alternate Nostrils Breathing (Anuloma Viloma)
  • Shining Skull Breathing (Kapalabhati)
  • Fire Breathing (Bastrika)
  • Humming Bee Breathing (Brhamari)
  • Equal Ratio Breathing (Samavritti)
  • Not Equal Ratio Breathing (Asamavritti)
  • Stepped Breathing (Viloma)
  • Mantra Breathing (Positive Affirmations Breathing)
  • Rolling Tongue Breathing (Sitali)
  • Smiling Breathing Breathing (Sithkari)
  • Ocean Sound Breathing (Ujjay)

You will also learn modifications to enhance and control these techniques to suit your own practice.

Who this course is for:

Everyone. Everyone who wants to learn more about the power of breathing. Everyone who wants to deepen their yoga practice. Every yoga instructor who wants to learn more about Breathwork.

Breathwork is one of the 5 key elements in FRY The Method session.

The Time Table of the Course (times in EDT)

  • Saturday January 21, 2023: from 8am to 11:15am (15 minutes break)
  • Sunday January 22, 2023: from 8am to 11:15am (15 minutes break)

Certification: After completing this online “Unlock the Breath. The Road to Bliss” 6-Hr Breathwork course, you will receive a Certificate to upload in your Yoga Alliance dashboard if you are a YA Teacher.

Online through Zoom

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