5-Hour Online Workshop Overview in FRY The Method

January 28, 2023

This 5-Hour Online Workshop in FRY The Method is of interest to:

  • First Responders (Dispatch, Paramedic, Police, Fire & Volunteer Services, and their management);
  • Yoga Teachers interested in future certification in FRY The Method and licensing to teach through the FRY The APP platform (paid) and/or In-Person FRY The Method Classes (paid).

The 5-Hour Workshop does qualify for 5 Continuing Education Credits for Yoga Alliance for RYTs (Registered Yoga Teachers).

Learning objectives

  1. Overview of FRY The Method, outlined in “F.R.Y. First Responders Yoga.The BOOK”, available on Amazon and digitized in FRY The APP, available for iPhone and Android
  2. Learn how to manage mental health, injury-prevention, stress and build resilience in active, high trauma jobs;
  3. Understand the science behind and impact of breathwork, functional movement (energetic yang and deep tissue stretching yin), relaxation techniques, positive affirmations and meditation on mind-body wellbeing; and
  4. Experience the effect of a FRY The Method class on the nervous system, the physical body and overall wellbeing;
  5. 1-to-1 consultation with cofounders after the workshop (to be booked in advanced).
Online through Zoom

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