A very thought-provoking reflection on the service of our First Responders: what might lead a person not to say “Thank you for your service” when he sees a Police Officer, a Firefighters or a Paramedic?

I have to say that I felt hyperconscious for my job as a Police Detective, as I always had to be on my best behavior offering my best availability even off duty. I ended up to be constantly alert and aware of my actions. That became a kind of extra stressor to add to the ones my duty normally brought into my life. 

And I felt great to be thanked when I was on active duty. It was great to me receiving that acknowledgment and it made me feel proud of what I was doing, even if I faced up so many difficulties and challenges during my services in the crime and narcotics field. Yes, to be thanked by someone who I didn’t know was a reward to me, an extra bonus to go through the rest of my long day smoothly. I felt honored to serve. And the job-related stressors in that moment faded away, just with a simple “Thank you for your service”.

Please when you cross a Police Officer, a Firefighter or a Paramedic simply say “Thank you for your service”. Do not hesitate, do not allow something to hold you back to thank him. Those few words are like medicine for all front liners, more than the pay-check believe me. 

I will do the same: Thank you for your service!


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