2021-11-15 Benefit of Meditation #1 – Improved Decision-Making

“Did you know that Meditation activates the centers in your brain responsible for decision making, allowing you to make better decisions even when you are not actively meditating? According to the US National Library of Science, meditation has been proven to improve decision-making. All you need to do to receive this benefit is to practice meditation on a daily basis and you will experience this benefit all day long.”

~ “F.R.Y. First Responders’ Yoga. The Book” Pg 37, available on Amazon

2021-11-22 Benefit of Meditation #2 – Memory Boost

“The Association for Psychological Science has found that meditation can greatly improve your ability to consolidate new information, memorize new information and access memorized information. The coveted theta brainwaves achieved in meditation enhance recallability.” 

~ “F.R.Y. First Responders’ Yoga. The Book” Pg 37, available on Amazon

2021-11-29 Benefit of Meditation #3 – Increased Focus

“Studies have found that meditation increases focus. Instead of reaching for the coffee, all you have to do is regularly practice meditation. Even a simple five-minute meditation session can help promote focus when practiced regularly because focus is a consequence of the lower frequency brain waves you enter in meditation.” 

~ “F.R.Y. First Responders’ Yoga. The Book” Pg 36, available on Amazon

2021-12-06 Benefit of Meditation #4 – Increased Sense of Well-Being

“The U.S National Library of Medicine has found that by practicing meditation you can increase your overall sense of well-being. This means that meditation is proven to increase happiness and peace. The studies associated with meditation and well-being found that it has significant therapeutic benefits, increasing peoples’ quality of life. In short, if you want to improve your life, make the change to practice meditation daily.”

~ “F.R.Y. First Responders’ Yoga. The Book” Pg 36, available on Amazon

2021-12-13 Benefits of Meditation #5 – Reduce Stress

“The American Journal of Psychiatry, among many other publications, has found that meditation goes a long way in reducing daily stress. In one study, it was found that when meditation is practiced regularly over a three month period, stress is drastically reduced. Another study shockingly found that by practicing meditation you can even reduce the density of your brain tissue that is connected with anxiety and stress.”

~ “F.R.Y. First Responders’ Yoga. The Book” Pg 35, available on Amazon

2021-12-20 Benefits of Meditation #6 – Immune System Boost

“The International Journal of Yoga and the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine have found that regular meditation can boost the immune system, reducing your risk of getting the flu, viruses, and infections because meditation can downregulate the activity of major stress axes in the body such as the HPA axis. … The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis), is responsible for your central stress response, as it intertwines the central nervous system and the endocrine system.”

~“F.R.Y. First Responders’ Yoga. The Book” Pg 39, 46, available on Amazon

2021-12-27 Benefits of Meditation #7 – Increased Cardiovascular Health

“Diet and exercise are always a good idea, but so is meditation according to JAMA International Medicine. Studies have found that by regularly practicing meditation people can both improve their overall heart health and reduce their risk of heart attack or heart disease because it is also related to shutting off the sympathetic nervous system, your fight-flight-freeze response.”

~“F.R.Y. First Responders’ Yoga. The Book” Pg 38, available on Amazon

2022-01-03 Benefits of Meditation #8 – Overcome Addictions

“A 2005 study published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse has found that meditation is incredibly helpful in overcoming addiction, including addiction to drugs and alcohol…when someone is addicted their brain relies on the external stimuli of their addiction to produce the feel-good hormones such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin to feel good. Meditation will train your mind to be happy and naturally “high”, without the need for any addictive substance to feel good.”

~“F.R.Y. First Responders’ Yoga. The Book” Pg 38, available on Amazon

2022-01-10 Benefits of Meditation #9 – Increase Empathy and Connection

Feeling alone, disconnected from society, family, friends, co-workers? This is very common in our world. Maitri meditation has been proven by the U.S National Library of Medicine to increase empathy, compassion, and your connection to society.

~“F.R.Y. First Responders’ Yoga. The Book” Pg 36, available on Amazon

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