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The Benefits of Meditation
for First Responders with Khube Rinpoche

Hear and watch Khube Rinpoche's wisdom

In the next 30 minutes Khube Rinpoche will explain the benefits of meditation for First Responders. 

The interview will clarify:

  1. The benefits of meditation for First Responders
  2. A simple way for First Responders to start to meditate
  3. How meditation can help First Responders to build resilience
  4. An explanation about the on-going benefits of a regular meditation practice that can benefit First Responders beyond the formal meditation session
  5. The importance of a love and compassionate approach to life and events
  6. and more.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction:
Benefits for First Responders
with Doctor Gus Castellanos

Doctor Gus Castellanos talks about Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
for First Responders

In this interview Doctor Gus Castellanos (Neurologist and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction facilitator) will explain the benefits of a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction method for First Responders. 

Thanks to his knowledge you will get more insight about:

1. What Mindfulness is

2. How First Responders can bring Mindfulness into their day

3. How Mindfulness can help First Responders to build up resilience

4. Suggestions to improve Mindfulness and become more familiar with the process of being aware

5. The long term effects for First Responders using mindfulness in their duty and their lives, and

6. more 

Enjoy it!